A Guide to Classic Discipline (English Edition)

In her debut book, Morgan Thorne writes about the art and practice of Classic Discipline, also known as English Discipline. We begin with a quick lesson on the history of classic discipline so that we can use the past as inspiration for our play. Starting with the naval discipline made famous by the British, we continue on to British school discipline, which was (and sometimes still is) used in various parts of the world to keep students in line. We finish up with ritual and religious discipline, a taboo subject that many find erotic.Getting into the practical side of BDSM practice begins with exploring different types of consent, negotiation and when a 'safe word' may be needed. The differences between punishments and 'funishments' are examined, with instructions and advice for engaging in both. Morgan is well known for her emphasis on safety and goes into thorough detail on how to stay safe, both in body and mind.It is then time to learn how to use a variety of implements, including different techniques, where on the body to use them, and how to care for the implement. The book covers canes, floggers, straps, paddles, switches, birches and many other implements that fall into the category of classic discipline. This book covers what you need to know to create your own kinky discipline scenes, including how to structure your scene for different styles of play. Whether it's a punishment cold caning or a more sensual flogging scene with a schoolyard twist, a Guide to Classic Discipline will provide you with what you need to know.

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Book Title: A Guide to Classic Discipline (English Edition)

Book Author: Morgan Thorne

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